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In Vitro Fertilization

Technique in which the egg and sperm are united in the laboratory to fertilize them and subsequently transfer the embryos.

ROPA Method

In vitro fertilization technique that allows a couple of women to participate: one donating the eggs and the other carrying the pregnancy.

Egg Donation

Technique in which an egg donor is used due to a very low ovarian reserve. It can be fertilized with partner or donor sperm.


Technique in which the partner’s or donor’s semen is inseminated in the woman’s uterus, choosing the ideal moment for fertilization.

Sperm Donation

Sperm donation is considered in case of: male sterility or genetic abnormalities, single women or female couples.

Embryo Adoption

Technique in which the woman’s endometrium is prepared to receive embryos from other couples who have decided to give them up for adoption.

Single Woman

As a single woman you have the option to choose any assisted reproduction treatment: IVF, Insemination, Ovodonation or Embryoadoption.

Fertility Preservation

A technique in which a woman’s eggs are frozen to preserve her fertility until she is ready to become a mother in the future.


Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis studies embryos genetically in order to select healthy embryos for transfer.