Fertility Assistant


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I offer a personalized and high quality service to all my patients. This is because each case is unique and has its particularities. Therefore, it needs a deep study and a comprehensive accompaniment

I have been working in Assisted Reproduction for almost 20 years and I live in Spain, a reference country in the field of Reproductive Medicine in Europe. In fact, more and more international patients are choosing Spain to fulfill their dream of becoming mothers. 

In Italy, my homeland, I have achieved recognition for my work. I feel very proud to have helped many women to fulfill their dream of becoming mothers and it fills me with happiness when I go home and meet the babies.

I have created a direct connection between the most prestigious Spanish clinics and numerous international gynecologists and patients to offer many people a positive outcome to their desire for motherhood and parenthood.

If you want to know how the process works, do not hesitate to contact me.