About me

I’m Carlotta Zonza Papoff

I am an Embryologist and I am dedicated to accompany couples and single women who wish to start a family. A beautiful and long process that, sometimes, can be disconcerting.

    Science and humanity

    Throughout my professional career, I have learned to combine my scientific knowledge and laboratory experience with my human qualities: sensitivity, empathy, respect and active listening. 

    My professional career has allowed me to create a close link between Italy and Spain, providing fundamental help to many women who have difficulty in becoming mothers.

    In this way, I have been able to create a direct bridge between these two countries, making the most advanced and cutting-edge techniques available to many couples.

    Curriculum Vitae

    I graduated cum laude in Biology at the University of Cagliari. In 2001 I moved to Spain and dedicated myself to continue my studies and increase my professional experience. It was in Valencia where I specialized in Assisted Human Reproduction Biotechnology at the University of Medicine of Valencia and the Valencian Institute of Infertility (IVI). 

    My professional career has been developed working as an Embryologist in IVF and Cryopreservation laboratories; learning all In Vitro Fertilization techniques: set up, punctures, IVF and ICSI techniques, assessment of fertilization and embryo development, embryo culture until blastocyst, slow freezing and vitrification of embryos, pre-embryo, egg and sperm bank, and embryo transfer.

    In addition to andrology laboratory techniques such as: semen capacitation by swim up and density gradients, semen freezing and thawing, morphology assessment, sperm motility and concentration, and TESE or testicular biopsy.

    I have worked in different centers of reference in Assisted Reproduction perfecting my training as an embryologist. In 2008 I started working in the Assisted Reproduction Laboratory of the Virgen del Rocio Hospital in Seville. In 2010 I joined the Madrid IMF Clinic (Madrid Fertility Institute) working as an embryologist and taking care of international patients who came to the center for treatment.

    In addition to my work as a laboratory specialist, I have been responsible for contacting international gynecologists for the coordination and follow-up of the treatments that my patients followed.

      In 2012 I started working in Barcelona as an embryologist and international coordinator at the ESIMER clinic (Esterilitat i Medicina de la Reproducciò) which a year later became part of the Assisted Reproduction Unit of the TEKNON Medical Center.

      For two years, I combined Assisted Reproduction laboratory work with the coordination of treatments with international doctors and patients.

      In 2015 I joined the FERTILAB Clinic (Institut Català de Fertilitat) as head of the Sperm and Egg Bank.

      Finally in 2017 I joined the CRA Barcelona (Centro de Reproducción Asistida Barcelona) team where I continue to date, as an embryologist and responsible for the internationalization pathway of the clinic. Alternating laboratory activities with the supervision of the path to motherhood of national and international patients.