Embryo Adoption

Embryo adoption is an assisted reproduction technique in which donated embryos are transferred to a recipient woman who “adopts” them

When couples undergo assisted reproductive treatments such as in vitro fertilization, ROPA or egg donation, not all couples use all the embryos that are vitrified. In this way, a new destination is chosen for these surplus embryos.

This means that couples decide to anonymously donate their embryos to other patients so as not to destroy them.

The first thing that is done is a study of the patient’s case and their phenotypic characteristics, blood group and genetic compatibility are examined. In this way, a suitable embryo can be selected and the endometrium prepared for transfer. 

adopción de embriones

Spanish law establishes that no more than 3 embryos can be transferred in one cycle. However, it will depend on the decision of the medical team together with the patient as to the correct number to transfer. We always advise the transfer of a single embryo to avoid the risks of a multiple pregnancy. 

The embryo transfer is performed in the operating room without anesthesia. It is a simple procedure that lasts about 15 minutes and after 15 days the beta blood test is done to check if the result is positive.

Frequently asked questions

  • Who can undergo this treatment? Both single women and couples can do it. 
  • Why are the maximum number of embryos not always transferred? This is because the case must be studied very well and the probabilities of success are the same.